Hamilton Field History Museum

Explore Hamilton Field History Museum in Novato, California

In Novato, California, the Hamilton Field History Museum offers a journey through time, showcasing the history of this former military base. From its World War II days to its transformation into a community hub, the museum tells the story of Hamilton Field and its impact on Novato.

Discovering Exhibits

Inside the museum, visitors find artifacts, photos, and memorabilia from the base’s past. Displays include aircraft models, military gear, and personal items, all offering insight into life at Hamilton Field.

Interactive Learning

The museum offers hands-on activities and virtual tours for visitors to engage with history. From exploring barracks to sitting in a cockpit, there are opportunities for interactive learning.

Community Connections

The museum also brings people together. Through events and programs, it connects residents and historians, fostering a sense of community.

Plan Your Visit

Located in Novato’s historic Hamilton Field district, the museum welcomes visitors year-round. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a curious traveler, be sure to stop in.

Experience History in Novato

The Hamilton Field History Museum is a place where the past comes alive. Whether you’re interested in history or just want to learn more about Novato, a visit offers a glimpse into the area’s rich heritage.

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