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How Often Should Trees be Checked for Disease and Damage?

Regular tree inspections are a fundamental aspect of property maintenance, and help ensure the health and safety of both your trees and your home. But how often should you have your trees checked for disease and damage?

Ideally, a comprehensive tree inspection should be conducted annually. However, specific factors may warrant more frequent assessments. If you are in an area with severe weather events, such as storms or droughts, we recommend you have your trees checked more often to identify any potential issues promptly.

Our Bay Area tree service company specializes in tree health assessments, and we offer tailored solutions to address diseases, pests, and structural concerns. Regular check-ups are necessary for the overall safety and well-being of your trees and your home.

Remember, a proactive approach to tree care can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. You don’t want to ignore a damaged tree and have it land on your home’s roof or vehicles. Trust our expertise to keep your trees healthy and thriving year-round.

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